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Summer Adventures: Pine Cove

By On March 31, 2016

We have been fans of Pine Cove for a while now. Our family has gone to family camp a few times, my  kids have gone to Camp in the City, and this year… Read More

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Happy Hour #78: Jessie Artigue

By On March 2, 2016

My guest for Happy Hour #78 is Jessie Artigue. You’re going to love a lot of things about our conversation, but what you will not love is the sound of my voice during… Read More

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Happy Hour #77: Retha Nichole

By On February 26, 2016

My guest for Happy Hour #77 is Retha Nichole. Oh, I had so many things I wanted to talk about with Retha, and our conversation could have literally gone on for hours.… Read More

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Happy Hour #75: Liz Bohannon

By On February 14, 2016

My guest for Happy Hour #75 is Liz Bohannon, the creator and  Co-CEO of Sseko Designs. In our conversation, we chat about her experience at the live taping of This American Life and… Read More


Happy Hour Podcast # 23 with Becca & Maris

By On November 19, 2014

Today’s guests on the Happy Hour Podcast are Becca Harris and Maris Bush. Both of these ladies are heroes to me and they exhibit Jesus in their lives so much. I have… Read More


Fear and motherhood

By On November 7, 2013

Recently the kids and I headed to Arizona with my mom to visit all of our family out there.  It was a great trip and the kids loved every single minute of… Read More


The Vitamix goes on vacation

By On July 8, 2013

Is there something that you must bring from home with you when you go on vacation?  Something you will go out of your way to pack even if it’s not that convenient.… Read More

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Pine Cove Family Camp 2013 = huge success!

By On July 7, 2013

We had the best week at Family Camp this past week.  I had never heard of family camp before a few years ago, but I’m so glad I know now.  Pine Cove Camps has… Read More

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Pine Cove Family Camp {discount code included}

By On March 15, 2013

Usually about once a week Amos asks me how much longer until Family Camp.  I kid you not.  I have thought about making a countdown chart, but for the love we’re still… Read More

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Pine Cove Family Camp {discount code included}

By On October 31, 2012

I have an amazing opportunity for you guys!  I’m so excited to share this with you!  Have you ever wanted to go to a camp with your family?  Remember how awesome camp… Read More


June & July catch up with pictures.

By On July 16, 2012

July = our busiest month ever!  So much fun stuff is awesome, but I feel like all I’ve done is pack and do laundry and re-pack.  I’m 100% not complaining because this… Read More