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Sweet Potato Vegetable Lasagna & Butterfinger Pie

By On August 21, 2013

Last night we had Meghan over for dinner and so I decided to actually cook.  Aaron is our cook around here, especially if we have guests, but last night was all up… Read More


Meeting the teachers & a “30 minute” meal

By On July 26, 2013

Yesterday was a good day around the Ivey household.  Before 1pm we had conquered Target and finished our school supply list (which deserves a huge pat on the back) (well actually there… Read More


The Vitamix goes on vacation

By On July 8, 2013

Is there something that you must bring from home with you when you go on vacation?  Something you will go out of your way to pack even if it’s not that convenient.… Read More


Weight loss challenge & chocolate bundt cake

By On April 12, 2013

You all know that in January I did the slow carb challenge and loved it. Well, I didn’t always love not eating chips every day, but I did love the 13 lb… Read More