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Chocolate Chip Cookies + My new favorite shirt

By On February 25, 2016

  I’m not one to desire to actually bake something, but living without a stove for six weeks made me want to bake some chocolate chip cookies as fast as I could.… Read More


Sausage links + Potatoes + String Beans

By On January 21, 2016

In episode #70, Aaron and I talked about this new dish that is my “go-to” meal these days. It’s no secret that I don’t enjoy cooking very much and am not that… Read More


Happy Hour #72: Rachel Hollis

By On January 20, 2016

Oh man, y’all. This is one of my favorite shows to date. If you don’t already know about Rachel Hollis, you are going to love getting to know her so much. If you’ve… Read More

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Happy Hour #70: Aaron Ivey

By On January 7, 2016

2016! Can you believe it!? To kick off the new year, I invited my all-time favorite guest back to the show – my husband Aaron Ivey. On the show, we chat about buying… Read More


The best gluten free biscuits ever

By On August 18, 2015

Aaron has been experimenting with some homemade gluten-free biscuits lately and today they were the best ever. And since they were the best ever we want to share this recipe with you… Read More


Slow cooker recipes + Banana Bread

By On August 15, 2015

You guys know that I’m not the best cook on the block. In fact I’m just a normal mom trying to get good food in my kids bellies, and there’s nothing fancy about… Read More

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Happy Hour #45: Shannan Martin

By On June 25, 2015

Happy Hour #45 is with my new friend Shannan Martin. Shannan Martin is a writer who found her voice in the country and her story in the city. She and her jail… Read More

friday fun
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Friday Fun 6.19.15 {The Popcast, Wayward Pines, Cookies}

By On June 19, 2015

Happy Friday friends! What a week we just went through. I went to bed on Wed normal and woke up to the news of Charleston and felt as though I had just… Read More


Whole 30 {Week Three}

By On April 23, 2015

{WEEK THREE} At the very beginning of this week I flew to DC to spend the weekend at the IJM conference. On the plane  I made the decision I had been needing… Read More


Whole 30 {Week Two}

By On April 20, 2015

{WEEK TWO} Goodness gracious day 14 was hard. Mentally it was hard. The entire day I was wishing I had committed to #whole15, which I didn’t even know was a thing until… Read More


Whole30 {week one}

By On April 8, 2015

Every since Christmas I have been looking forward to April 1st. Seems weird, but life has been a bit busy for myself the first three months of the year. I am a… Read More

Story taking her own dinner to a Xmas party.

Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies + update on Story

By On December 22, 2014

Today starts our fourth week of eating paleo as a family. Just so there’s complete full disclosure out there, our whole family has not done Paleo these four weeks 100%, but Story… Read More

Stitch Fix #12 Review & an amazing

Stitch Fix #12 & cookies

By On September 17, 2014

I want to tell you all about my latest stitch fix (actually a few weeks old now) but before I do that I need to let you know that last week I… Read More

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A little bit of everything …

By On September 1, 2014

Happy Monday and Labor day! We have spent the day lounging around the house doing just about nothing. Currently the kids are watching High School Musical 2 because you know we haven’t… Read More