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Our youngest son Deacon was diagnosed with Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis, in December of 2009. Since then he has had many surgeries and is currently in remission. This disease has no cure and we pray that God will keep it from coming back again.


Seven years ago.

By On December 1, 2016

Facebook is the best at reminding you about things in your past. As soon as you open up the webpage, there it is staring at you and you have no other option… Read More


What Michael Douglas has to do with my son, Deacon

By On June 12, 2013

Last week I laid in bed with my iPad and was checking out the news before I fell asleep. I don’t’ recommend this for many reasons. #1 They say looking at the… Read More


Whatever may pass … Let me be singing … Bless the LORD

By On February 22, 2012

Waiting rooms allow you to read.  Deacon watched 2 hours of the disney channel and I read my bible and a book called WEDNESDAYS WERE PRETTY NORMAL by Michael Kelley today as… Read More


God be glorified through RRP

By On February 10, 2012

John 11: 1-5 “Now a certain man was ill, Lazarus of Bethany, the village of Mary and her sister Martha.  It was Mary who anointed the Lord with ointment and wiped his… Read More


Great news … NO MORE BUMPS!

By On August 10, 2011

I can still remember the exact feelings I had when a doctor told me that Deacon had a disease called Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis and would need surgery very quickly to go in… Read More



By On February 25, 2011

We are home from surgery #6 (grape) today and my heart is so very full!  This surgery was later in the day and my poor Deacon hadn’t eaten since 6:30 last night… Read More



By On February 24, 2011

It’s 10pm and I’m in bed.  Early, I know.  My mind is still moving so I hope I can drift to sleep.  I think I’ll turn on the Bachelor and see what… Read More


Update on Deacon

By On September 26, 2010

We are continued to be overwhelmed by the love and support that is shown to us each time Deacon has surgery.  The text/calls/emails are amazing.  Even though this surgery is becoming a… Read More


RRP surgery #5

By On September 23, 2010

Tomorrow will be Deacon’s fifth surgery since last December for his RRP. We keep track of how many he has had by what flavor he chooses for his mask before surgery. He… Read More


Deacon is brave.

By On July 8, 2010

Fourteen days ago Deacon had his fourth surgery for RRP. Lately we’ve been doing them about every 8 weeks, but the doctor said it looked so good that we’re not having another… Read More


RRP Surgery #3

By On April 30, 2010

Last Friday Deacon had his third surgery to remove the pappiloma’s from his vocal cords.  He was as usual a super champ and even brought Dr. Eskew a page he had colored… Read More


RRP Surgery #2

By On February 26, 2010

This morning Deacon and I headed to the surgery center for his 7AM surgery. We had his first surgery at this same center, but with a different doctor. The doc that we… Read More


Year in Review: 2009

By On January 1, 2010

Oh my word this might have been one of the hardest years of my entire life! We have had so many ups and downs this year that somehow I’m not sure how… Read More


RRP video

By On December 17, 2009

(Deacon and Story at Deacon’s first doc appt when we found out he has RRP) Many of you have asked if we have gotten the pathology report back on what they took… Read More