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Adoption is near and dear to our hearts because 3 of our children have joined our family via adoption. We adopted our son Deacon in 2005, our daughter came home from Haiti in 2009, and our son finally came home from Haiti in 2010. I love to encourage others as they journey towards their kids and especially after they are home and in the real world.


Throwback Thursday: Fedna

By On April 3, 2014

A friend of mine is fostering a new little girl right now and she was talking this morning about how the sweet little girl is not interested in her husband and actually… Read More


When did you know you would have only one bio child?

By On February 10, 2014

QUESTION:  When did you KNOW that Cayden would be your only bio child? Did you have any feelings of mourning that he would be the only child you birthed? Or did you… Read More


4 years ago it all changed.

By On January 23, 2014

{Amos meeting his brothers for the first time, and being reunited with Story after being separated for 3 months. They look giddy to see each other! I love Story’s face!} Four years… Read More


Love is Waiting journal {giveaway} to help the Otts family

By On January 20, 2014

I love when people sell stuff that has a purpose.  Don’t we all like shopping for a cause.  Putting your money where you know it’s making a difference.  This past holiday season… Read More


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