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Happy Hour #103: Bianca Juárez Olthoff

By On August 24, 2016

Bianca Juárez Olthoff is my guest for episode #103 of the Happy Hour. Bianca fires up audiences around the world with hilarious stories and profound Bible teaching as she inspires women to… Read More

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Happy Half Hour #12: Melanie Dale

By On August 20, 2016

The hilarious Melanie Dale is back this week for the Happy Half Hour #12. If you missed her first appearance, you can catch up here. Melanie is a minivan mama and total… Read More


Happy Hour #102: Alaina Mayes

By On August 18, 2016

My guest for Happy Hour #102 is Alaina Mayes. Alaina is a single mother of twin girls who writes, teaches, and serves as a Plexus ambassador. Even though she’s busy teaching and… Read More


Happy Hour #101: Hayley Morgan

By On August 10, 2016

Hayley Morgan joined me today for episode #101. Hayley is a writer, speaker, and entrepreneur who inspires women to create lives of more passion and less fuss. She and her husband started… Read More

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Happy Half Hour #11: Shauna Niequist

By On August 5, 2016

One of my favorite guests and authors, Shauna Niequist, is back today for our 11th episode of the Happy Half Hour. She was on the Happy Hour back in the old days… Read More


Happy Hour #100: Aaron Ivey (and friends!)

By On August 3, 2016

100th episode!!!!! I seriously cannot believe it. Two years ago, starting this show, I had no idea if anyone would ever listen to this thing. I had no idea what I was… Read More


Happy Hour #99: Kate Braun

By On July 27, 2016

My guest for Happy Hour #99 is Kate Braun. Kate is the author of She’s out to love others passionately and educate them gracefully about living with dwarfism. She and her husband… Read More

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Happy Half Hour #10: Emily P. Freeman

By On July 22, 2016

  My friend, Emily P. Freeman is back today for her second appearance on the Happy Hour. If you missed her the first time, make sure to catch up here. Emily  is… Read More

EPILOGUE (John's Arrival June 2015)
Guest Post

The Cure for Despair by Katherine Wolf

By On July 22, 2016

“People often ask if I ever had a moment of true despair in the wake of my stroke. I think the answer is Yes AND No. If I truly despaired, I don’t… Read More


Happy Hour #98: Katherine Wolf

By On July 21, 2016

My guest for episode #98 is the amazing Katherine Wolf. At the age of 26, Katherine suffered a massive brainstem stroke while her 6-month old baby James slept in the other room. Against all odds, she… Read More

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Embracing God’s Love in the Valley by Alaina Mayes

By On July 21, 2016

The past five years have been a whirlwind of disappointment, sadness, and hurt with bits of joy sprinkled in. Enduring rounds of infertility that left me broken, adoptions that didn’t go through,… Read More

Around the World

“It’s Not Either Or” by Courtney Miller

By On July 19, 2016

Friends, Last week I was out of the country and it seemed as though all hell broke lose in America. I asked my friend Courtney to share her thoughts on this past week here… Read More

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Happy Hour #97: Melissa Russell

By On July 18, 2016

My guest for episode #97 is Melissa Russell, Senior Vice President of Global Advancement at IJM, a global organization that protects the poor from violence in the developing world. She drives the core… Read More

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Empowerment looks good on these women

By On July 15, 2016

Y’all I told you last week on The Happy Hour #96 with Jen Hatmaker and Rachel Hollis that I would be journeying around the world with them, and we all arrived home… Read More